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Issue 44 • Jun 2017

Reflective Moments

Welcome to the June issue of Wild Planet Photo Magazine. Join us on a picture-packed voyage as we travel to some of the most remote places on Earth via a line-up of inspiring nature photographers this month. The striking images from the Global Arctic Awards 2016 grace the pages of this issue, reminding us of the great lengths these photographers go to in a bid to document the pure yet stark environment of the polar regions.

We also speak with Antartica-addicted Daisy Gilardini, whose love affair with animals living in the white open spaces of our planet has resulted in specialist knowledge and a passion for conservation. She believes that it is a nature photographer’s duty is to ‘capture the beauty of species at risk and raise awareness through the universal power of images.’ Daisy has made it her mission to disseminate conservation messages through her work. This interview is bound to make you reflect and wonder, what messages do you seek to convey through photography?

In addition, we have a must-read feature on bucket list wildlife photography locations, a story on the simply stunning sea birds of New York by Melissa Groo and a fascinating historic piece exposing the rich past of the wild horses of North Carolina. If you’re looking for varied inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

Lorna Dockerill • Editor