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Issue 43 • May 2017

Wild Inspirations

A host of talented wildlife photographers, both professional and amateur, are sharing their advice and experiences in this month’s issue of Wild Planet Photo Magazine. US-based Suzi Eszterhas, a wildlife
photographer who has carved a niche for herself documenting family dynamics, offers an open and honest interview and reveals some of her most unforgettable moments in the bush. Suzi also highlights the challenges that photographers face, one of them being separating yourself from the experience behind a photograph, and explains how she works around such conundrums.

One of our readers, Andrew Chislett, has also put his writing hat on to offer some key advice on what to consider when planning a photographic safari, with insightful information on everything from essential lenses to pre-trip enquiries. And he’s not the only reader in the spotlight thanks to the jam-packed reader galleries and features in this issue.

Finally, if your passion for wildlife photography is unwavering and you’re ready to take it to the next level, UK photographer and tour guide leader Ellie Rothnie shines a light on what it takes to become a professional wildlife photographer with help from other pros in the field. Enjoy and keep sending us those inspirational wildlife moments.

Lorna Dockerill • Editor