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Issue 42 • April 2017

Close Encounters
Spring is finally here and with it comes a fresh instalment of wildlife photography inspiration. This month we have an exclusive interview with award-winning wildlife photographer, Tin Man Lee. Tin Man takes us on his photographic journey, explaining his art history inspirations, quest to inject emotion into his images and expresses why listening to your senses is one of the most powerful things you can do as a wildlife photographer.

Crammed into this month’s issue are many magnificent wildlife pictures in the form of our galleries and competition showcases, which are sure to inspire. We’re always taken aback by how many superb submissions we receive each month from readers, and it’s worth saying that we’re constantly on the look out for more of your best images! We review every single picture that comes in, so keep sending us those awe-inspiring wildlife images via our website here.

You’ll also find a wealth of articles to get you and your camera fired up in this issue. If you’re an aspiring writer, why not pen a piece for WPM and get paid for your efforts? We accept article submissions from nature photographers all over the world. Try your hand at writing for the magazine and send an article to us here. Spread the word about a wildlife photography issue that matters to you, as we and the rest of the world would love to hear about it.

Lorna Dockerill • Editor