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Issue 41 • Mar 2017

The Call of the Wild

This issue of Wild Planet Photo Magazine features world-class wildlife photographers going the extra mile for both pictures and animal welfare. We talk to award-winning photographer, Anup Shah, who shares all about his latest book The Mara. Showcasing phenomenal images that offer an account of daily life in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve, the book will fascinate those photographers who find themselves allured by the unique characteristics of Africa’s lands and wildlife. Anup, who was born in Kenya and has won a number of categories in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, gives a refreshing interview as someone who grew up with lions and elephants on his doorstep.

We also bring you a sneak peek of some outstanding images that will be appearing in the upcoming Remembering Rhinos book, a follow-up to Remembering Elephants from UK wildlife photographer Margot Raggett. Her latest fundraising mission to help protect these endangered animals, some of which have been poached to the brink of extinction, is an important one.

In contrast, you’ll find the some of the winning images from the latest International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition in this issue, demonstrating that the serene beauty of the natural world can also be found in your back garden – if you know where to look.

There are plenty more photo-rich stories to get you through March too, alongside some simply stunning work from you, our readers. If you’ve been pondering over whether to send us your images, why not visit our submissions page and upload your best shots? It’s never been easier.

Lorna Dockerill • Editor