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Issue 39 • Jan 2017

New Perspectives

In 2016 we received countless breathtaking wildlife images from talented photographers across the the globe. So many of them were from our growing audience of loyal readers and followers who demonstrated skill, technique and passion for their subjects. We were constantly bowled over by the originality of pictures taken with a new perspective in mind.

As we move into a new year, we’re always reminded of how we need to see things in a new light, evolve and adapt for whatever the next annum brings. In this issue we have plenty of inspirational fresh content from wildlife photographers who have pushed their limits to achieve unique images. From Belgian underwater photographer Jean- Marie Ghislain who overcame his crippling fear of sharks and now photographs them for a living, to polar photographer Joshua Holko, a man who thinks nothing of pitching up in -15 degrees celsius to photograph Arctic Foxes. You’ll find stories and pictures in here that will fascinate you!

If you simply cannot get enough of wildlife photography, why not reflect on the year in pictures by downloading our free Best of 2016 Annual Edition of Wild Planet? It won’t cost you a penny so share it amongst friends, family and fellow photographers. Here’s to another year of your unforgettable wildlife pictures.

Lorna Dockerill • Editor