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Issue 37 • Nov 2016

Lorna Dockerill

How Important is Fieldcraft?

When it comes to wildlife photography, working closer to home and getting to know your subject within the field is steadfast advice. It’s something that has often been highly recommended by a number of successful wildlife photographers for increasing your chances of great pictures with natural animal behaviour.

It seems that photographing in a nearby field or back garden still requires fieldwork, which is a hot topic among some of our contributors this month. Coincidentally, two photographers discuss the art of fieldcraft and its place within the developing sphere of wildlife photography in this issue. Laurie Campbell, known for his fondness of photographing his native Scotland, talks openly about the value of skills gleaned in the field in an interview about his latest book, while Mark Hamblin poses the question: is fieldcraft a dying art?

In addition, we are showcasing the winning pictures from the highly anticipated Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards and a new feature series from the Global Arctic Photographer of the Year, Joshua Holko, who shares his fascinating experiences with Arctic species. We also have plenty of inspiring and compelling reader images from you in this issue. We hope you enjoy it and be sure to keep sending us your outstanding creations!

Lorna Dockerill • Acting Editor