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Issue 36 • Oct 2016

Rathika Ramasamy

Incredible Wildlife Moments

It is indeed a great pleasure to be the Guest Editor of this edition of Wild Planet Photo Magazine. Thank you to the editorial team for giving me this opportunity. WPM not only showcases the amazing work of renowned photographers across the globe, but also encourages budding photographers by providing a platform to exhibit their images. I’d like to say a big congratulations to the team for consistently coming up with top quality content to give readers virtual tours of the animal kingdom.

It is fascinating to observe the behaviour and activities of animals and study their world. Each species has unique habits and distinctive habitats. The most exciting aspect of wildlife photography is tracking your subject, anticipating activity and shooting at the right moment. In documenting birds and animals, I always try to capture their behavioural interaction that conveys a story. With every shoot, I discover something new. Wildlife never ceases to surprise me with its natural history moments. Animals express different emotions and form relationships, much like us. As one comes to know more about their subjects, one understands their moods and behaviour more deeply. I am happy to share some wonderful moments that I have come across in this edition.

Rathika Ramasamy • Guest Editor