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Issue 35 • Sep 2016

Ellie Rothnie

Embracing the Elements

I’ve always been an avid follower of Wild Planet, pouring over the inspirational images and stories, sometimes seeing my own images in there too. So when Wild Planet asked me to write the feature article, I spent a great deal of time navel-gazing about what subject I could focus on that was a bit different. Having worked in marketing for 25 years and recently switching to a job as a full time wildlife photographer, I am unashamedly influenced by my past life and what it has taught me about imagery. So, the subject for my article was born.

This industry is without doubt a fantastic place to work and the passion, dedication and creativity from you as wildlife photographers is truly outstanding. Where else can you work and be able to say the same thing? Wild Planet celebrates this passion, dedication and creativity with every issue, and by sharing inspirational articles and images from professionals and amateurs alike, we are able to be part of the same group of like-minded people.

It is therefore a great honour to pick up the guest editor’s felt-tip pen for this month’s issue of Wild Planet, following in the footsteps of many wildlife photographers who I greatly admire and whose well-thumbed books I have on my bookshelf.I encourage you to send in your images and stories to Wild Planet and take part in this great community. Seeing your images published or being the next Guest Editor, you never know, it could be you.

Ellie Rothnie • Guest Editor