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Issue 34 • August 2016

Jared Lloyd

Under the Cover of Darkness

Since its inception, Wild Planet has strived to become the heart and soul of the wildlife photography community. The pages of this publication have been graced by some of the world’s most accomplished and inspirational artists. Yet it has never lost sight of a philosophy that puts its readers first above all else. For this, I hold Wild Planet Magazine in high regards, and consider it to be an honor to have been invited to come aboard as the Guest Editor of this issue.

In being asked to write a feature article to accompany this issue of Wild Planet, I was left with a bit of a conundrum. There is a reason that I like this publication. The breadth of coverage. The unique angles of approach. The revelations of some of the finer aspects of wildlife photography. So if there is nothing new under the sun, I decided to opt for something a bit shadier. As a diurnal species ourselves, we must come to terms with the fact that many of the charismatic creatures we wish to photograph do not adhere to the same sleep schedule as us – or our personal affinity for sunny skies.

So much of nature goes about life under the cover of darkness or in the recesses of dark shadows that to ignore this fact is to limit ourselves to only a small fraction of photographic possibilities. Thus my ideas for Into the Shadows began to unfold.

Jared Lloyd • Guest Editor