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Issue 33 • July 2016

Ross Hoddinott

Focusing on the Little Things
Having been involved in Wild Planet Magazine’s first issue back in November 2013, it is a genuine pleasure to be invited to be Guest Editor this month. As a kid, I learnt so much about kit, technique, subjects and field-craft simply through being an avid reader of photo magazines, and I still do. They later provided a platform for me to showcase my work and establish myself within the profession. I owe them a great deal. So if you haven’t already, why not send your images into our Exhibition Gallery? Having your images published in Wild Planet might be the first step towards even bigger things.

It’s been fascinating to watch the magazine evolve over the past couple of years. It is now an unrivalled source of information and inspiration for wildlife photography enthusiasts like you and me. Crucially, it is also a publication passionate about conservation. Wildlife photography plays a significant role in conserving our wildlife, helping to highlight the beauty, importance and plight of species; both big and small. The secretive miniature world beneath our feet has long fascinated me. Smaller species such as reptiles, amphibians and insects can easily get overlooked in favour of more impressive, glamorous subjects, but close-up their beauty, form and exquisite design is revealed.

In this issue I’ll tell you why insects have played such a significant role in my photographic journey and why I’m passionate that close-up photographers retain high ethical values. Invertebrates and other little critters form the building blocks of life – they are also interesting, varied and challenging subjects to photograph. It is great to be able to celebrate them in this issue.

Ross Hoddinott • Guest Editor