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Issue 32 • June 2016

Laurie RubinConnecting with Nature
I am honored to be the Guest Editor for this month’s edition of Wild Planet Photo Magazine. When asked what I wanted to have as a topic, ‘connecting with nature’ came to me right away. Being a wildlife photographer, this is such a critical ingredient to getting great images. This applies not only to wildlife, but also when taking photos of landscapes, flowers, and other genres of photography. Having that ‘connection’ when you press the shutter, is the magic ingredient that tells a visual story.

This issue is dedicated to the nature photographer who spends hours, days, months and years out in the field, hoping to capture that hero image. We are a passionate group of photographers that don’t rely on studio lights or suggesting poses for our subjects. Instead, we work with the sun and let nature direct her behavior. Our cameras are set-up to capture that fleeting moment, and when it happens and we make that connection, the whole world stands still. We share a part of our world that we see through our cameras and hope the viewer feels that connection with the photo that we did when we were there, in that moment.

Laurie Rubin • Guest Editor