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Issue 28 • Feb 2016

Light and Dust

keith-wilson Africa is synonymous with safari and there are many photographers from all over the world who have built their reputations by capturing the spectacles that this vast continent has to offer. For many, safari is their living; for many more it is a dream fulfilled. In both cases, the people behind the camera feel a great sense of wonder for their wild subjects. I see thousands of images of African wildlife every year, taken by hundreds of different photographers, and yet I still find pictures that amaze me for their originality and impact. For example, take a look at the photographs of Federico Veronesi in this issue (Interview, page 34-51). 

After 12 years of living in Kenya, much of it in the famed Masai Mara, Federico has published his first book, Light and Dust. It is his magnum opus – 140 colour and black and white photographs of East Africa’s iconic species – framed in moments of extraordinary light and candour. I expect you will be as amazed by his pictures as I was, and the man himself is well worth listening to, so save some of your coffee break to read our interview!

A Universal Experience
Looking at all the images in this issue from dozens of Wild Planet followers, there’s no doubt that many of you are passionate about African wildlife too. When choosing images for each issue of Wild Planet, I’m ultimately looking for impact, timing, originality and variety, and African species are always well represented. It seems that no matter where in the world you call home, the wildlife photographer’s most popular destination is Africa, and the safari is the great universal experience that we can all share with the same understanding. Wildlife photography is the reason, and the African continent is many people’s second home.

Keith Wilson, Editor