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Issue 23 • Sep 2015

The September Issue

keith-wilsonWhat makes The September Issue truly special is the emphasis we’ve placed on featuring new work by our readers and followers. The deadline for entries was tight but the response was fantastic with hundreds of images uploaded to our website. The wonderful variety and impressive quality of work submitted made choosing the final selection a very difficult but hugely enjoyable task. The result is now in front of you, with seven special themed photo galleries that I am honoured to share. If you missed out, don’t worry. The September Issue is here to stay! We will definitely do it again next year. In the meantime, enjoy the issue and please spread the word.

Remember Melissa Bachman?

When it comes to spreading the word, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer has certainly found out how quickly social media can galvanise public opinion into action. The killer of Cecil the lion has had to stop work, go into hiding and suspend his own social media accounts. If it all sounds rather familiar, that’s because less than two years ago American TV presenter and trophy hunter Melissa Bachman was at the receiving end of a similar reaction. 

Well, regrettably, she’s back. On TV, Facebook, Twitter and with a newly designed website packed with videos of her hunting animals as if that lion she killed in South Africa had never happened. Hopefully, the public reaction to Palmer’s killing of Cecil will have a greater impact on the demise of trophy hunting than the outrage that followed Bachman’s lion kill. But I fear, like Bachman, he will soon be back in business drilling teeth for a living and killing animals for pleasure.

Wild Planet’s position on this issue is clear: Ban trophy hunting. Now.

Keith Wilson, Editor