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Issue 22 • Aug 2015

Taught by experts

keith-wilsonWhatever your level of experience, there is always more to be learnt or accomplished. The two are directly related: I believe that those who are willing to learn more will, by practice and application, accomplish more. One of the primary roles of Wild Planet is to share experience so that everyone has access to the same level and quality of information. For instance, in this issue we have an exclusive extract from Greg du Toit’s new book, Photo Tips (page 8), which looks at a key aspect of photography that affects us all – focusing. Then there are the intricacies of a more specific subject - macro flash - delivered with delightfully personal insight by Paul Harcourt Davies (page 84).

Of course, we all want to know the secret of success, and it is a question that is often asked of photographers like Greg and Paul, who are leaders in their respective fields. It is a question that David Lloyd has addressed directly in this issue. Rather than summarizing here, I think you should read it all for yourself (page 104) and thereby enjoy the full benefit of his wisdom!

An inspiration

Regular readers will be aware of our monthly Photo Ark spread at the back of each issue: a studio-lit image of an endangered species taken by the brilliant and straight talking Joel Sartore. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing Joel on several occasions and he is an inspiration to many, largely due to his work for National Geographic. Today, Joel’s Photo Ark project is his primary motivation and you can find out more about him and what he’s trying to achieve with this ambitious and educational project in our exclusive interview (page 46).

Finally, look out for The September Issue. If you want to be in it then send me your pictures: http://wildplanetphotomagazine.com/category/submissions

Keith Wilson, Editor