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What drives all life on Earth? Jared Lloyd sheds light on the topic of migration and how the changing seasons serve up unmissable wildlife photography moments

I’m on a dirt road in the middle of a farm field. The cut stalks of corn sit on one side of the road reaching out for what must be a kilometer or more before pressing up against the edge of the cypress swamp. On the other side, winter wheat. This is wildlife management, North America style.

I’m working the edges of fields on a National Wildlife Refuge that was put in place for the sole purpose of protecting wintering waterfowl. These days, it harbors a whole lot more. Black bears, whitetail deer, bobcats, and the real jewel of the place: red wolves. This is 277 square kilometers of protected coastal plain, an admixture of blackwater creeks the consistency of Guinness, an assortment of grain fields grown for the express purpose of migrating waterfowl, pocosins (meaning swamp on a hill in the native Algonquian language) and wildlife. Lots of wildlife.


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