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Photo of the Month December 2016 Winner

[vision_content_box style="teal-grey" title="Photo of the Month • December 2016 Winner John Caruso"]

Congratulations to John Caruso from the USA, who wins our December 2016 Photo of the Month event. John receives our $100 prize with this beautifully symmetrical image of an osprey.
John commented on the picture: "I had been watching an osprey nest with great interest for most of the summer, hoping to get a picture of one returning to the nest with a fish. Unfortunately, for this particular osprey family the modus operandi seemed to be that they would come within a few hundred feet of the nest, just close enough to excite the other members of the family, but then fly off to eat most of the fish alone, returning only with a few scraps for the others. On this particular morning however, one of the adults returned with a beautiful fish and hovered above the nest for a few seconds before flying off. Just before flying off this adult looked me square in the eye allowing me to take this photo."[/vision_content_box] [vision_notification style="success" font_size="20px"]John wins our $100 prize.

The winner's picture as well as the top finalists will be published in the February 2017 issue of WPM in high definition – do not miss it!


Please leave a comment below, it will mean a lot to the photographer.

[vision_content_box style="blue-grey" title="Finalists"] See all the fantastic finalists below. A big thank you to anyone who participated, there were some absolutely stunning entries. For all those who didn't make it this time, we wish you better luck next month and we look forward to seeing your new pictures.

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