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Photo of the Month October 2016 Winner

[vision_content_box style="teal-grey" title="Photo of the Month • October 2016 Winner Jennifer Rogers"]

Congratulations to Jennifer Rogers from the USA, who wins our October 2016 Photo of the Month event. Jennifer receives our $100 prize with this excellent image of a Great Grey Owl taken in Northwest Wyoming.
Jennifer commented on the picture: "I was fortunate enough to spend about 14 hours over multiple days with this young Great Grey Owl on a recent trip in and around Northwest Wyoming. Great Grey Owls are one of the few owls that routinely hunt during daylight hours and perch on relatively low tree branches making them a photographer’s dream. This particular owl and another juvenile in the area were quite dedicated hunters and would search for mice and voles in the dry grass and meadows swooping long and low before gliding back up to a suitable perch. It was seemingly unfazed by human presence and would stare right into the camera often both during flight and while scanning for prey from the pine branches."[/vision_content_box] [vision_notification style="success" font_size="20px"]Jennifer wins our $100 prize.

The winner's picture as well as the top finalists will be published in the December 2016 issue of WPM in high definition – do not miss it!


Please leave a comment below, it will mean a lot to the photographer.

[vision_content_box style="blue-grey" title="Finalists"]See all the excellent finalists below. A big thank you to anyone who participated, there were some wonderful entries this month. For all those who didn't make it this time, we wish you better luck next month and we look forward to seeing your new pictures.

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