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  1. Tristan Quevilly on

    Well unfortunately the upload doesn’t work because my picture is 3896 on the longest side, and not 4000…. ( I cropped it for composition purpose)

    • The upload works fine and it is not dependant on the picture size. We ask for 4000 px picture size as we do not accept anything smaller, but this has nothing to do with uploads. Is your picture jpg and under 50mb? If it is, then there should be no uploading problem, you need to check your internet connection and allow enough time for the upload.

      • Tristan Quevilly on

        Thanks for your answer.

        I tried again also several times with 4000 long , and after uploading it fails and put a red cross…

        Even for the profile photo fails, it says that my face is hidden . I’m probably to ugly for the compu ! 😉

        Here is the message left :
        Make sure the picture is jpg and 4,000 pixels minimum on the long side. Pictures smaller than 4,000 pixels or with watermarks on them will be discarded.

        • Can you please send us a screengrab of what you see? The red cross does not mean that the upload failed, it is there after the upload in case you need to delete the uploaded picture and replace it with another one before submitting.

  2. Mikkel Beiter on

    Hi there
    I have just tried to upload a photo here, but it keeps staying at 10%. So I just wanted to ask if you received it?
    It’s a photo of a Elephant juvenile.


    • Hi Mikkel,
      I have checked the Best Shots section and there’s no image of yours called Elephant juvenile uploaded. Can you try again later and let us know if you’re still having problems. Make sure your internet connection is fast enough, the picture is jpg and under 10mb in size.
      Best wishes,
      Wild Planet

      • Mikkel Beiter on

        Hi Keith
        Seems like it’s working now.
        I had forgotten to change to pixel size on the long edge of the photo 🙂


  3. Ted Forman on

    I too was pleasantly surprised to see my photo among the best shots selections in the magazine this month (June 2015). I did not realize it would be there as I had not been notified. Might be a good idea to send out an email in the future to those selected. Thanks again for publishing it.

    Ted Forman

    • Keith Wilson on

      Hi Ted, Thanks for the message and we’re delighted you’re pleased to see your image published.
      By now you should have received the official notification with a PDF copy of the page for your files and Jpeg for use in social media. We do try to get these out as close as possible to the issue publication date, but sometimes people do find out faster than we can tell them!
      Thanks for your support of Wild Planet and we look forward to seeing more of your work in future.
      Very best wishes,
      Wild Planet

  4. Hi,

    just discovered that my picture “Friends for Life” was chosen as the “Best Shot” the 28.th of December. Thank you!!!

    I don´t know if you inform photographers when their pictures get promoted, but it would be nice to get a “heads up” as it always is nice to see your picture published in different media and to spread the word so to speak. This is just a friendly remark and nothing else.

    Best regards

    Lennart Hessel

  5. christof schoeman on

    Hey guys,,thanx for the invite of best shots..would like to send you a pic or 2 for a chance to be published..

    kind regards

    • Keith Wilson on

      Please do Christof. Just go to Submissions on our website, fill out the form and upload your image, following the recommended file size guidelines.

  6. abbie solarez on

    love what I saw on the web-site. I shoot a lot in the area of the salton sea, sonny bono wildlife refuge would like to see if some of my work can make it here. I have been published over 1,000 times bout not like the photos I see here hope I can make it.

  7. Go to Submissions on our website and fill out the form then upload your image, following the recommended file size guidelines

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